Pasture Raised Meats

Bring that natural goodness back to

your Family's table with

We proudly raise our animals outside on


pasture, where they enjoy fresh air, sunshine, exercise and all the grain they'd like to eat.

No antibiotics. No hormones.

Pesticide and Chemical Free pastures. 

*Raw meat for purchase, pictures offer meal suggestions.

Forest Raised Mangalitsa Pork

We raise MAGALITSA heritage pigs

A rare breed. Highly sought after, requested by Tulsa's Five Star restaurant, Amelia's Wood Fired Grill.


Now available for purchase to families across Oklahoma.


Often referred to as the "Wagyu for pork" highly marbled, flavor is delectable.

They roam freely across our USDA certified Organic forested areas on our farm. They live out their pigness by rooting, looking for roots, bugs, nuts and grains naturally found on our farm.


Allowing our pigs to forage, root and dig, improves our pastures and allows new forage to grow as they move into other areas of the forest. 


We provide locally sourced grain, ground fresh as we need it.

Mangalitsa pig.JPG

Pastured Chicken

Our chickens are moved to fresh grass every single day. They forage on pesticide & chemical free pasture. We do not ever give hormones or antibiotics. They live their best life enjoying fresh air, sunshine, exercise and all the non-gmo grain they'd like to eat. 

Our pasture raised chicken is packed with nutrients. We beat the organic industry. Our chicken has 90% more Omega 3's and 400% more Vitamin E.