UPDATE: 5/11


the 1/2 Black Angus Steer that I posted on 5/10 has sold. We're working with the butcher on availability for another processing date. We're hoping for 5/29.


Due to de,and, we will begin accepting deposits for a Whole, 1/2 or Quarter steer for the 5/29 processing date. Should there be a significant delay, we'll refund your deposit. We're thankful to have a great working relationship with our processor who is trying to meet the increased demand due to COVID. 


This payment is for the DEPOSIT only.

We have 1/2 Black Angus available.


Processing date is 5/12 Beef hangs for about 2 weeks. 1 week for processing & packaging. $2.25 per pound live weight Steers average live weight is 1330 pounds. (665 pounds for 1/2 steer)


Approx 330 pounds of packaged product for 1/2 steer Buyer pays Butcher for processings fees. Approx $300 for 1/2 steer, depending on your choice of customized cuts. Cuts that are smoked, cured or linked (sausage) is a slight upcharge above the base rate.


In Total, there’s two payments:


One to the farm for 1/2 of the live weight of the Black Angus Steer.


The second payment is to the butcher for your customized, vacuum sealed cuts.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve your family.

Beef: Whole, Side, or Quarter. Deposit